We are commited to shame-free pleasure through humor and visibilty via our sex-positive coffee mugs

We believe sexy pleasure should be celebrated and elevated onto the side of our mugs to tell the world (or just your partner) exactly how you feel.

Drink It Dirty™

Please be our next happy customer and see your name in lights (well, maybe not lights per se...)

A few testimonials from our customers...

  • "Spicy, just the way I like it What fun mugs, and their customer support is fantastic. I'm very pleased with my purchase, they were very responsive to my questions, got everything handled" – Rob Colbert on Cat MILF Coffee Mug

  • "LOVE THESE! BEST MUG I'VE EVER OWNED" – Hailey on This is What a Sexy Mom Looks Like Drinking Coffee

  • My girlfriend gave me one of these for my birthday-It's turned into my new favorite mug! J.S.

  • "Oooooh, lots of juiciness and playfulness! Thank you for making these!" Louise W.

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  • Ignite Change

    A portion of our profits go to funding Peer-to-Peer Sex Education to help mitigate shame and promote self-love. We really hope that the younger folks have better opportunities than we did to learn that ALL of their desires are normal!

  • Embrace Pleasure

    We are huge fans of drawing our attention to everyday pleasures, whether it's a yummy cup of joe or a soft arm caress or a full-on three hours of touching each other. ALL of it is celebrated-It just takes awareness!

  • Celebrate Connection

    There is much evidence based research proving the importance of connection to others. Make it a high priortiy to surround yourself with like-minded peeps who create a sense of postive well being and elevation in YOUR life.

  • Promote Consent

    Learn how to have consent conversations prior to touching each other so everyone knows where the boundaries are and can play out to them with a solid sense of safety and care.